Tips For When You're In A Creative Funk

Tips For When You’re In A Creative Funk


Does a creative funk have you down? We all go through phases of feeling stuck creatively. They are frustrating and stressful to say the least! Look no further- we at Kahootie Co. are sharing our favorite tips for the next time you’re in a creative funk:

 Relax yourself- Take a break! Engage in an activity that puts you physically and mentally at ease. Go on a walk, listen to music, go shopping, watch your favorite TV show, etc. Allow yourself to relax and focus on taking care of you. 

Gather inspiration- If you’re in a creative funk, look to the people, blogs, social media channels, etc. that inspire your own work. Save photos and writing that get your creative juices flowing and excite you to create content and projects of your own. 

Set time aside to play around- Without only focusing on having to meet a deadline, set time aside for yourself to play around with your ideas.  If you’re working on a vision board mix photos and content around to see what fits best next to each other. Play around with different color schemes, patterns, lettering, etc. Don’t put the pressure on yourself to crank out a project by a certain date and time. Give yourself time to create and have fun with it. 

Talk with a mentor or friend- Reach out to someone that supports you and inspires you. Share your creative block with them and listen to whatever advice they give you. Leaning on someone you trust and look up to might be just what you need to get back to doing what you love!