THE CORE OF Kahootie Co. - Sometimes we just have that kinda day.  That kinda day where we spend more time pondering how we're going to get it all done, then just doing it.  We recognize our time is valuable and there’s never enough of it.  We have a hard time saying no; our calendars are packed and our to do lists are overwhelming large.  We juggle the demands of caring for our families, ourselves, our career and our home, and sometimes get a little overwhelmed trying to manage it all.  We crave simplicity in our days and blank space in our calendars. We love our busy lives, wouldn’t change a thing, but constantly strive for a better way to keep it all organized when “It’s That Kinda Day”.

The Kahootie Co. Brand – Our collections are known for their classic designs, recognizable style, and distinctive quality.  Our mission is simple.  To design stylish products that make life a little easier and a little more organized.  We hope to truly impact the lives of our customers by creating organizational products that keep you focused and on task, help you achieve your goals, and free up more time on your calendar to enjoy what matters most.

The Story-   One of the biggest challenges for moms and dads is organization, as we constantly juggle the demands of caring for our kids, ourselves, and our home.  With a full time job and family with three small children, I was constantly searching for ways to achieve my goals and create order in our often chaotic life.  After realizing that I probably spent a little too much time thinking about my laundry list of to do’s versus just doing them, I began to create tools and products that would help me stay focused, on task, and achieve success.  The popular collection,  It's That Kinda Day,  resonates with busy woman everywhere who need a simple and functional way to manage their hectic schedules.  

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Kristen (owner, creative director)